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Therawave™ 1000


Pressure Care - Quick Facts


  • Medium to High Risk*: Air Loss Overlay
  • Weight Limit: 20 Stones/127Kg
  • Dynamic Therapy for gentle pressure relief
  • High Infection Control: DermagradeCover
  • AeroVentcells, for greater surface comfort
  • Easy to use, silent running control unit
  • Suitable for profiling bed frames
  • Clinically effective pressure ulcer prevention

    Therawave™ 1000 - Dynamic Therapy Overlay

    Cinically Effective Pressure Care

  • Dynamic Therapy alternating action provides optimum pressure relief and enhanced comfort.
  • AeroVent™cells to help prevent skin breakdown and maceration
  • Gentle support surface for improved patient well being

Safety & Infection Control - Dermagrade PU Cover


  • Multi Stretch PU cover for improved shear and friction protection
  • Improved infection control - can be washed and tumble dried at 95°C
  • Fast and easy to remove and clean
  • Effective against bacteria/viruses, proven resistance to MRSA
  • Waterproof with higher breathability
  • Easier cleaning due to modular mattress design
  • Fire retardant to Standards BS7175 Crib 5

Easier Use, Easy Maintenance


  • Clear and simple controls reduces need for complex training
  • Visual alarm for added safety
  • External air filters for easier maintenance
  • Removable cells and connectors for lower cost servicing
  • Quick access CPR for emergency mattress deflation

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  • Dimensions:  L 2000mm x W880mm x 130mm
  • Weight: 6.5Kg
  • Pump unit: Dimensions: L 220mm x W 80mm  x H 130mm
  • Weight: 1.0Kg
  • Cover Dermagrade Bio PU Cover 
  • Connection Type: CPC Quick Connects


For treatment and the prevention of pressure ulcers Stage I to III*
To provide a continuous dynamic air support


Spinal pathologies (unstable spinal injuries) and long bone traction

“We have recently purchased some Mayflower mattresses to replace some of our existing older mattresses. The new mattresses have proven already to be far superior and great value for money. The quality of the product is excellent and they are very easy to use. Mayflower Medical has become an excellent resource for our nursing home. I would thoroughly recommend to other homes”

Darren Weeks, Registered Manager, Symphony House Nursing Home

Therawave™ 1000 - Dynamic Therapy Overlay - Advanced Pressure Ulcer Prevention

The bestselling Therawave™ 1000 is a *medium to high risk overlay mattress that is ultra reliable and easy to use. It features specialiset Aero Vent™ air cells that gently alternate to relieve surface pressures underneath the patient, while the Dynamic Therapy massaging action stimulates blood flow and oxygenation helping prevent ulcer development.

For optimum pressure care, Aero Vent™ cells release a controlled volume of air under the patient, allowing the cells to gently conform to the patient’s body shape and size. This increases surface area helping relieve more pressure, while the soft air flow helps reduce moisture build up, a common cause of skin breakdown.